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Lucca WM


Lucca WM is a tiling window manager built with the GNOME desktop environment in mind. It has only been tested on Linux, but it should run on any system that has GTK and Xlib.

Basically, it's a program that lets you arrange your windows in non-overlapping layouts. I know I'll lose you soon if I keep talking so here's a screenshot (with explanatory text inside):


It's very flexible and will allow any layout where the tiles do not overlap and there are no gaps. Some of these layouts are more useful than others, and I find that I spend a lot of time with only one tile that fills the screen, the equivalent of having all windows maximized in a normal window manager.

The "Split Tile" button, next to the close button, adds a new tile to the layout by cutting an existing one in half. Tiles can be resized by dragging the borders with the mouse. These two operations are all you need to control the layout in Lucca WM. (You can combine tiles by resizing one so that it covers the other completely.)

All of the operations can be accessed with keyboard commands. I don't expect many people to use them exclusively, but the option is there.

The source code is available under the MIT license.

That being said, this is alpha software. It has been developed enough to be useful, but most people will experience some issues.

I hope you will find Lucca WM useful in spite of its flaws. Feel free to email me with any comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.